Historic Marble Collegiate Church Embarks on a New Chapter with Blawenburg Reformed Church

Congregation from Blawenburg Reformed Church

New Beginnings

After moving away, many people have said, “I wish I had a church like Marble near me. I miss Marble.” Live streaming has been one way Marble-ites have been able to stay in touch with the embracing message of Hope, Faith and Love that is at the heart of our diverse congregation, but now there is another way. Marble is partnering with historic Blawenburg Reformed Church in the picturesque town of Blawenburg, NJ. Situated in central Jersey, very near Princeton, Blawenburg is now another place people looking for a bit of the Marble welcome and message can find it in person.

The Call

Born out of a call from Marble’s congregation led “Think-Tank” brainstorming sessions last year, a feeling that God had blessed Marble, and that Marble should be a blessing to others came to the forefront. It is our hope that the benefits from this three year partnership will enrich and renew each of the congregations.

What Does This Mean

When two historic landmark churches come together to do shared ministry, there are bound to be a whole host of possibilities and new growth for both. What does this mean for our two congregations? It’s a unique opportunity to build relationships, share ministry that will lead to a vibrancy of growth for both congregations, and to explore new possibilities of a teaching pulpit that allows for creative and quality ministry. This could even be an idyllic wedding destination in a village setting for New Yorkers. The sky is the limit for this new partnership and the excitement is high.

Minister of Word and Sacrament at Blawenburg Reformed Church

Blawenburg Reformed Church is an established RCA church continuously serving an evolving community for 184 years. Our reputation as a successful training ground for First Call pastors, and our partnership with New York’s Marble Collegiate Church are sources of pride to our small but sturdy congregation. Our most recent pastor left after a short tenure to support his wife in a major career-starting move, and we’re ready to launch the next chapter in a storied ministry.

Our next pastor will be a dynamic worship leader and community organizer unafraid of contemporary technologies and ready to grow our church. We are located halfway between New York and Philadelphia, just north of Princeton.
We hope to narrow the field of candidates by early May for a new ministry launch ahead of the fall season. We’re open to considering “co-pastoring” arrangements.

This is a Full time Position.

For more information on Blawenburg Reformed Church, go here.

Contact: Ms. Evelyn Cochran at BRCSearch2016@gmail.com

Marble Collegiate Church

Blawenburg Reformed Church