Summer Devotional: Cultivating a Sense of Humor As a Spiritual Practice
Posted on July 31, 2017

"Laughter does good, like a medicine," the book of Proverbs advises. Medical science has confirmed that idea, alerting us that laughter releases endorphins which are Nature's feel-good drugs. And the more endorphins that are released, the healthier our bodies become.

We are always ill-advised to ignore or deny the harsh realities of the world in which we live. By so doing, we sacrifice our opportunity to be healers of humanity's hurts. But by the same token, we are also ill-advised to see every silver lining as simply the parameters of a dark cloud or every glass as half empty. Much of life, even amid the pains and problems, is fun. And much of what occurs around us is funny. Cultivating a sense of humor is a holy endeavor, which makes us healthier in body and in spirit. So, look for the humor in your world today. Be diligent in finding it, and allow yourself the room to laugh. It will make you a stronger person, which will enable you to make the world a stronger place.


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