December Meditations - Week 4: New Birth
Posted on December 25, 2017

Read Luke 2:1-7

The Birth Story begins with statements about political oppression (“a decree went out from Caesar Augustus”), poverty (“wrapped Him in swaddling cloths”), and exclusion (“there was no room for them in the inn”). But in spite of all that, it is impossible to articulate what must have been the unparalleled joy Mary felt when “she gave birth to her first-born son.” Whatever her old world may have been like, something new was breaking into it, something like light in darkness that brings courage and hope unknown before.

In seasons of stress or change, it is easy to focus on that which produces anxiety. But, it is also our option to focus on “good news of great joy.” With the arrival of Jesus into a life, a home, or a church, what new potential for joy and meaning do we find? Answer that question, and you will have discovered the personal power of Christmas.


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