What Are You Grateful For? by Karla Fritsch, Publications Manager
Posted on November 6, 2013 by Karla Fritsch

What are you grateful for?

For years I kept a gratitude list, writing down 3-5 things every day. Sometimes it was hard, but like exercising any muscle, it became easier the more I used it. I don’t write them down anymore, but I do still try to reflect daily on the things – large and small – for which I’m grateful.

Reflections by Karla Fritsch, Publications Manager
Posted on September 6, 2013 by Karla Fritsch

School supplies excite me. When I was in grade school I remember once when my mom and dad returned from a trip and brought back a grab bag of gifts. I can still see the big teal blue JC Penney bag as I reached in and pulled out a 3-ring binder. I was thrilled.

Travelling Together by Karla Fritsch, Publications Manager
Posted on April 10, 2013 by Karla Fritsch

Ah, spring, my favorite time of year – although as I’m writing this another snowstorm is on its way. Isn’t that the way life works, always in a state of flux? The biting winds of winter bluster through followed by the warm breezes of spring. Those breezes are pushed away by the heavy hot air of summer and then relief blows in with the cool autumn air. Each season has its delights and its difficulties. Marble has been through a bunch of seasons and it seems like there are changes at every turn. Can you imagine all the changes that have taken place since 1854 (forget about 1628!)? Some changes are scary, some exciting, some sad, some joyous... but the comforting breeze that connects them all is that we journey through them together. Who we travel with makes it all worthwhile.