The Puzzle 2013 by Brian Hampton
Posted on June 18, 2013 by Brian Hampton

Two years ago, when Marya and I decided to create a festival of new plays and musicals here at Marble, we decided to name the festival The Puzzle. The name fit in many ways. First, it’s a way to connect so much talent together in one week of exciting new theatre. Second, it’s a LOT of work. And, third, it’s fun!

This year we topped our two prior seasons. We received 115 plays and musicals from 24 States, the UK, and Canada. And with the help of our Marble “reading committee,” we chose 10 new plays and musicals to produce—all pieces that we think the Marble community, friends, and visitors will enjoy. Each piece speaks to a different part of the human condition. From light-hearted comedies to thought-provoking dramas, this season is sure to capture every emotion.

But, I have to say, aside from a puzzle as a whole and completing it, what makes me the most happy is the individual pieces that go into making this puzzle.

Every little piece has its own story. Actors who haven’t acted in years, jump back into the water and swim. Actors who are always typecast, get to sink their teeth into something new and different. Actors who have always wanted to direct, but have never been given a chance, get to—in a safe and friendly environment. And writers who’ve never had their work produced or read out loud get to watch and hear their stories come to life.
And isn’t that what it’s all about to be a Christian? To believe in each other, to encourage, to celebrate, to express our joys—doubts—our concerns—our laughter in a safe and inclusive community? I met with a very famous Broadway actress friend of mine the other day, and she told me that even though acting is her greatest joy, the “business” of show business is hard, tough, and often disappointing.

Well, Marble is a place where that doesn’t have to exist, and The Puzzle is a time when everyone can come together and express their God-given gifts and enjoy not only the performances but the process.

And that’s what keeps me taking out a 1,000-piece puzzle, every year, throwing it all over my office floor and start putting it together.

I hope you’ll come out and support these amazing Puzzle-Makers of 2013. You will definitely recognize many Marble congregants, and you might even recognize some faces from Broadway, film, and TV, too.
And, who knows? That quiet someone that you sit beside on Sunday morning, may get up on that stage and make you laugh, cry, or even hit a high C—and you never had any idea!

Click on The Puzzle icon on the website, or grab a rack card in the lobby for descriptions, dates, times, and prices of each night. It runs Monday, June 24 through Saturday June 29 right here at the church.

Don’t forget to register this year, as some of the performances are in smaller spaces and seats are limited.

I hope to see you at the theatre.



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