Monday Musings #1
Posted on June 30, 2014

Since I will be traveling and giving workshops over the summer, my usual blog remarks have to be adjusted! Part of the fun of a loosely planned vacation is the discovery of new places and new ideas. I am suggesting we take a little blog "staycation" into verses of the Bible we might not have read recently, if ever. They are among my favorites and I am the tour guide for this trip.

As we unpack them, some from the Old Testament and some from the New, I hope that you will look for the human person in the words. The Bible is not a mine in which we dig for texts to fill our wagons of priceless gems. It is rather a record of God at work among a people whom he has called into a relationship with him. That act of calling forces them to look with new eyes on all that has happened and will happen to them.

Our biblical ancestors were a remarkably honest group, and they never hesitate to let God know what further needs or complaints they might have. It is that vigor in their speech to God that we could well imitate. Sometimes we are too polite as we mouth words that do not always reflect the inner workings of our souls. Putting our needs into clear words can help us sort through our own attitudes.

In addition, if some of these texts lead you to look for the full passage in the Bible, go for it. You never know where it might take you. All vacations leave us with memories and, inevitably, a souvenir or two. Jot down those words you'd like to hang onto.

Let's begin with the psalmist reminding us: "Let us give thanks to the Lord for his steadfast love, for his wonderful works to humankind." (107:8)

Do enjoy the journey!


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