Counting the Little Blessings
Posted on September 29, 2014

I loved Dr. Brown’s message on Sunday, September 21, to look for everyday blessings. We don’t do that often enough, but I have been collecting a few blessings lately from the publication of my book. Some of this feedback is interesting!

I had long resisted any urgings that I should write, chiefly because I felt I had nothing new to say. What I published is not new, just what I have been teaching for years but it has moved people to comment in interesting ways.

Several recent encounters and letters strike a chord. I was at a small country church in the Catskills recently where a group had taken the book for their “summer reading” and then got together with me to share what had struck them. What was so amazing to me was that no two readers were impressed by the same thing. This is further proof of the variety of human reactions to the faith journey.

At an alumnae luncheon of my former high school, one alum, whom I had taught quite a few years ago, told me that the book is a huge hit at the correctional facility where she works! While that was certainly not my target audience, I thanked God as I signed a copy for one of the longtime “residents”.

I do love the 97 year old from Pennsylvania who has been sending me regular comments as she makes her way through each chapter. She spent a long time on the “as” in that phrase of the Lord’s Prayer: “Forgive us... as we forgive...” She now reports that she thinks her wings have grown several inches! Her letters reveal such a bright mind that belies her chronological age.

I have heard from a group of Presbyterians in northern California who are using the book in a study group and from some Texans who are passing it around their office. And I bless the readers who are handing out copies. One woman has given away 15 copies with the request: “Pass it on after you finish.” And what can I say of the reader who is sharing with her neighbors in the elevator or the laundry room?

I am truly stunned and humbled by these amazing people. All this only proves that the spiritual hunger I knew was in human hearts is indeed there. None of the above mentioned folks will merit the attention of Fox News or the daily papers. That’s fine. However, each of them is finding a way to keep God in his or her daily life, and I bless their doing it.

I pray for all of them. They are such blessings in my life and such a bright contrast to the gloom of the headlines. How wonderful!


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