You Have 8 Seconds...
Posted on July 26, 2016

I love the odd bits of information that research sends our way, even as I cannot
comprehend how they are discovered. For example, how do they (whoever that is) know that the average human attention span is 8 seconds, less than that of a goldfish.

How Does a Poem Mean?
Posted on July 19, 2016

Many years ago John Ciardi wrote a book entitled “How Does a Poem Mean?” in an effort to make poetry more comprehensible to the non-lover of that genre. I don’t know how effective his effort was, but I do know that when we lose poetry we lose a valuable voice in the world.

When Mercy Meets Justice
Posted on July 12, 2016

As long as human beings attempt to administer justice, there will be a conflict between mercy and justice. I began trying to understand this concept as a high school freshman when we read “The Merchant of Venice” and we had to memorize Portia’s speech to save Antonio’s life. I could recite it well. I lived it badly. Why?

Snuggling Into the Nest
Posted on July 5, 2016

What happens when the baby birds refuse to leave the nest they have called home? They are given a firm parental push until they have no choice but to try those wings and take off. I don’t believe this process has changed in eons of recorded observation.