No Exemptions
Posted on February 3, 2015

Having spent much of last Monday listening to the weathermen expostulating over the coming storm of the century and then awakening to a very light accumulation upstate, I began to wonder how scientific those predictions are. I wasn’t further reassured when I learned that the storm had “wobbled” and that’s why it failed to live up to its prediction. (That might be an interesting word to think about later.)

In a rural world, farmers studied the skies and the wind directions, and planned their plantings accordingly. Even Jesus talked about his contemporaries checking the red skies in the morning for approaching bad weather. We have become so much more sophisticated as our meteorologists (no “weathermen” any more) with their charts and maps and computers tell us what to expect, and they still miss the mark!

The month of January, now happily over, has sparked conversations on a regular basis. I met friends for dinner last week, and we commented on how “mild” it was that evening. Then, we laughed as we realized that it was 32 degrees, but a day without subzero wind chills registered as mild in our new world. Floridians might disagree!

I am upstate as I write this and I am looking out my window watching my neighbors clearing snow off their cars and shoveling them out of the parking lot. I spot a kind fellow who just did his car and has now moved on to two others for neighbors who are a bit more frail. That is doing something with the weather, beyond talking about it.

I thought of Jesus who never had to shovel his way out of Capernaum, but I also thought of his discussing rain and drought with his neighbors, of his bundling up a bit against those winds off the Sea of Galilee, of his sleeping through a storm on that same sea – he had weather issues too. None of us is exempt. Let’s face it with the best good will we can muster. The alternatives are not inspiring!!


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