2014 Lenten Devotional - Tuesday, March 4
Posted on March 4, 2014

Learning for Living

With calendar regularity, Lent rolls around each year, bringing with it vague feelings of guilt about living it more fully this time, about making some stronger effort, but we wonder what that should be.

I would like to suggest that we approach Lent 2014 not as culpable sinners, which we are, but as learners, eager to use these precious weeks to take one long step forward as followers of Jesus in discipleship. What does He want to teach us?

With that goal in mind, we will focus each week on one phase of the spiritual journey in order to learn something more about our God who loves us so completely.

This daily contact with the words of scripture can make for a deeper and more profound spiritual life.

As always, we might want to go to the Bible to read the entire passage from which a verse has been extracted. We might want to repeat parts of this verse as a mantra, reminding us throughout the day of a contact point with the teachings of Jesus.

Whatever we do, let us mutually pray that this Lent might be a growing time for each of us so that Easter will bring us a deeper joy to share with the Risen Christ, a joy that comes from our knowing Him a bit more completely.


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