The Next Morning
Posted on April 6, 2015

Few of us stop to wonder what might have been going on among the disciples on this day after the first Easter had come to its exhilarating and exhausting conclusion. There is food for prayer in visiting that scene.

However many they were in that Upper Room, they must have been up half the night talking about his actually coming to them, sharing that bit of leftover fish – why had they had nothing else to give him? – and how needed had been his message that they had to forgive each other. In the light of this new day, all that takes on a new aura.

Did they gather to talk about it again? Did they squirm as they remembered how pitiful they had been in the garden, how craven when they could not even approach Calvary but had had to rely on the word of the faithful women to know what had transpired?

In any event, that was past. This was the day to plan the future, a future most of them had been afraid they would never see. Now that he was indeed risen, alive among them, they were certain he would return quite soon with another message. Somehow they didn’t think their old life in Galilee would resume, but if it didn’t what would replace it? Would they stay here in Jerusalem? Would they simply disband and go back home? No, neither of those sounded quite right. So they ruminated.

It was Peter, as usual, who decided first. He tossed a few things in his little sack. “I’m going fishing.” “So are we, “ came the response, and they headed north, back to the Sea of Galilee, back to that place where he had first found them. He would find them there again, wouldn’t he?
That is the post-Easter message to all of us who have made our way through Lent and the special days between Palm Sunday and Easter. We cannot go back. We can only go forward . We need not fear. Jesus will find us wherever we are. There is work to be done and he needs us. Look for him. He might be cooking breakfast on the shore.


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