Taking Polls
Posted on June 9, 2015

We humans are the funniest species! We have these manias that we indulge from time to time and, at this moment, taking polls is somewhere near the top of our frenzies.

Every politician has his pollster, especially when said politician is running for office. There is supposed to be a science behind it – but doesn’t it all hinge on the truthfulness of the answeree? Of course, it does, and that is what has led to my current reflections.

I received a mail-in poll from a political party recently, along with the requested donation. The whole thing ended up in the shredder. Then, I picked up the paper only to discover that someone was taking a poll on name recognition among those currently running or pretending not to run for president. The polls revealed that much of Texas doesn’t know who Ted Cruz is and that 1% of Americans have never heard of Hillary Clinton. Under what rock were those people hiding? Or were they having fun at the pollster’s expense?

Since the last US presidential election and the recent one in Israel were not read correctly by the pollsters, we are back at the utility or futility of taking polls. It does give employment to folks, but...

God never took one, did he? He did not ask for our opinions on the species he created- nor our preferences on insect life. The size of the avocado pit and the difficulty of finding the edible part of the artichoke were not measured. Botanists have struggled to change the hues of flowers which the Creator painted in different colors. The task has not always been easy.

Pollsters do best with the opinionated and the lonely. They love to talk. God has to work with the whole of us, with our fears, hopes, ideas and dreams. Many of these are not yet firm enough to be polled. That seems better, doesn’t it?


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