Wisdom Words
Posted on October 6, 2015

I just came back to my office from visiting a group of older folks gathered for a noontime get-together. They refer to themselves as 60+ and that they are. I would rather call them a wisdom group.

At a table presided over by a centenarian, I had a conversation with a younger man. (That is a relative term, but he has lived quite a few years too). This is what he said to me, in reference to a biblical talk I had given: “I love the way you tease out a meaning I had never seen. But isn’t that one of the blessings that, as we age, we have more time for introspection and so for deeper thought.”

From the reflective way in which he spoke, I realize that he spends time doing just that. Would that it were part of the aging process for each of us; another year, another probe into deeper thinking. But some of us get stuck along the way, don’t we, and we cling more fervently to what we think we already know as a kind of life preserver for navigating life’s waters.

I came back to my office blessing that gentleman for his thoughtful observation. I wish I could take him to Congress to address those who keep voting for the same failing bills, year after year. One of them calls it perseverance. I would rather say it is a desperate failure to see reality. I would also like my new wisdom source to speak to the representative who, after years in Congress, has never yet sponsored a single bill that got out of committee. He thinks he is doing the will of his people. He too needs a little introspection.

What would happen if we called a Thinking Morning, and we all ceased that frenzy we call life and we just sat and thought about possible future steps in our careers, in our personal lives and in our roles as part of the body politic? I am certain we would all come to lunch with newly creative ideas that could make a difference wherever we are.

Since I haven’t the power to legislate that universally, I leave it to each one to find his or her reflection time. Start with an hour. It could change your world. It is certainly worth trying.


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