God Speaks Himself into Our World
Posted on November 28, 2015

One of the most powerful biblical images is the word. It was a sign of life because it had to be formed with the breath of being. It belonged intimately to the one who spoke and thus the sharer was given access to inner thoughts and desires. It could not be recalled, so, in an oral society, to have spoken was to have done something that was legally binding.

All these come into play when we use the phrases: “God spoke” or “the Word of God”. This Advent we will approach our preparation for Christmas by reflecting on some of the places in the Bible where the Word of God is central. By reading them prayerfully and inviting those words to enter our daily living we will be walking to Bethlehem by a way similar to that used by Mary, Joseph, the Magi and the countless pilgrims since then who tried to comprehend the unfathomable goodness of a God who wanted to enter our world.

We live in a world of too many words. They scurry by in print, unwanted emails, idle conversations, repetitive advertising, and thoughtless remarks. Those are not the words of this Advent.

We seek life-giving words so that when God speaks Himself into our world we will be in sufficient awe to receive His gift. Let us ready ourselves.


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