Those Little Good Deeds
Posted on November 10, 2015

I have recently been blessed as the recipient of kindness on the part of total strangers. How simple it is to make a difference in someone’s life. Let me share what happened to me.

Living almost a hundred miles from my workplace I am reliant on public transportation to get from home to Marble. And that is easier to write about than to experience! For example, I thought I had Tuesday morning under control. I had called the local taxi service the night before to reserve a cab to pick me up at 5:00 AM to bring me to the bus station, a little over a mile distant. No problem, thought I, until as I was putting on my coat at 4:50AM the phone rang. It was the cab dispatcher to say, “I’m sorry, ma’am, but we can’t pick you up today. There are too many calls and not enough drivers.”

To my “What am I to do?” he could only repeat his message, before hanging up. And what was I to do? I finished buttoning my coat and set out, by starlight, on foot down a country road. It was a pretty walk , even in the dark, through the piles of leaves, although I soon discovered that they were great camouflage for the potholes!

Halfway to the bus station, I paused to let a car exit from a small apartment complex. The driver rolled down her window to ask:”Do you need anything? I never meet anyone walking at this hour?” I explained my dilemma and she swept aside the pile of newpapers she was scheduled to deliver. “Hop in,” she said, and I did not hesitate.

We had a great conversation about her early morning job, which she has had for 30 years and which she loves. I blessed her and her day as she cheerfully dropped me at the bus station and I caught the 5:30 to NYC. It was in that city that my other kindness had been received the week before.

It was that rainy evening when the wind was turning umbrellas into projectiles and the subways were jammed to the gills. I got swept into the Lexington Avenue local, but there was no place to hang on. I could reach nothing, wedged as I was between commuters. A very large, football player- sized young man stood next to me. “Here, lady, “ he said, “Hang on to me.” And he proffered his arm so that I could grab it. We started off with a lurch and I clung fast.

“Are you two going to be an item now?” asked a mocking voice behind me. “Check the papers,” I retorted, and the three of us smiled together. My Sir Galahad got me safely to my stop and I thought, only in New York, as I took my leave.

Two small deeds of kindness. Two angels in human disguise. They changed my day.


Robert Romagnoli on November 11, 2015

Thank you for sharing your experience of being on the receiving side of kindness. In our post-911 world we are taught to fear and suspect all strangers. It takes courage to offer someone help, and it also takes courage to accept that help. Faith in God = Faith in Humanity.

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