Giving Thanks
Posted on November 24, 2015

I continue to be grateful that in a world of political correctness to the point that anything that even hints of God has to disappear from public parlance, Thanksgiving Day still can be found on the calendar. The reason? Every day I find new occasions to give thanks.

One of my most recent moments for gratitude came because of an older member of the Sixties Plus fellowship. She is a sharp-minded, practical octogenarian with whom I love to share ideas . Today, after a trying trip to get to the weekly luncheon, she abruptly said: “I am getting thinner and thinner, just wasting away.”

I saw she was right, but I joked, “Maybe you should eat more?”

“No,” she said. “I have told God that I am ready and any time he wants to come for me will be just fine.”

“And did you get an answer?” I ventured.

“I certainly did. God said, ‘Sit down and shut up. I’ll come when I want to.’”

She roared with laughter and I gave thanks for her wonderfully common sense relationship with her Maker. I imagine she and God have some rather forthright conversations.

I came away with joy. In addition to all the other gifts for which I will thank God this week, I have added a new one. It is gratitude that people still exist who are neither intimidated by nor bored by God, but who can speak to him with all the honesty and energy one would muster for words with a close friend. It is, I think, just the kind of relationship God intended when he chose to walk with the first human beings each evening in Eden.

So I will give thanks because I can give thanks, freely and joyously, to a God who has to be delighted with my aging friend. He is probably reciprocating – with a smile too.


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