Posted on February 9, 2016

Our task this Lent is a very simple one – on the surface.

Each day we will listen to one phrase from Jesus and then ask ourselves what we are to do with those words this day in the concrete circumstances of our lives. That shouldn’t be hard or maybe, because we are each only too human, we can manage to make it complicated.

Jesus had a mission in a culture where the word was always oral. There were few instances of resorting to written documents. People spoke, and their words had force. This is so different from our world where we rely on the printed word to make things valid. Jesus wrote nothing for our consideration. He had no best seller. He only spoke and then expected His followers to respond.

This makes each of His words quite personal and so precious. We never all hear the same thing because we each stand in a different place in the world and in our faith journey. Because of this, it might be difficult to personally embrace the challenge to hear with “my” ears, not those of any commentator. I might make suggestions, but that is all they are. Jesus is speaking to you. Listen carefully.


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