Do I Fit?
Posted on January 19, 2016

I often wonder if I am truly meant for this technological world in which I am embedded. Do you ever have that feeling? If you are young, the answer is obviously “no”. This is your oyster and I know you enjoy it. Some of us, however, have been thrust into newness.

Let me explain a bit. I do not want to return to quill pens and horseback for travel. But I used to set off for work after checking that I had my ballpoint, my keys for the office and apartment, my book for the bus and my tokens for the subway. Remember, anyone?

This morning I set out after checking that I had a metrocard, my cell phone, my Kindle and the electronic card that admits me to the apartment house. Money isn’t necessary. A card will take care of that. There is no weight of a book in the bag. I have dozens on the Kindle in addition to the morning paper.

And if “Excelsior” is the motto of New York State, it also seems to be the motto of the techie world. In my insomniac hours the other night I heard all about the driverless car, a vehicle so smart that it can sense pedestrians crossing at the wrong time and traffic lights about to change. One has no need of brakes. Electronics knows it all. I am not sure I could trust them to do it flawlessly. Every one of my gadgets has had its “down” time. Suppose that happens to your car in the middle of nowhere?

All that did not put me back to sleep. It just gave me more reason to think furiously. Mercifully, my surging brain was relieved when I thought about my freshman science teacher in high school. This now seems like the Dark Ages, but I wrote a paper for that class in which I “predicted” (after reading an article in a science magazine) that we would one day be serving frozen foods to our families. I got a poor grade because she deemed my ideas too fanciful to ever become reality.

I can laugh about it now, but it has rung a warning bell in my brain. There is almost nothing too fanciful to be imagined. Someone is already working on it in a lab somewhere.

So, back to my original question: Do I fit? The answer is obvious. I have to fit, because it is my world, the only one I have, and God would like me to enjoy it, misfit that I might think myself to be!!


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