My Day Off
Posted on January 26, 2016

And what did you do on your holiday last week? I don’t want this to sound like those 6th grade assignments of “What I Did on My Summer Vacation”, but I had a great time on our most recent day off. I had lunch with my book club!

I have mentioned that group before, but we are not a gathering of ladies meeting to discuss something from the best seller list. Our choice of literature revolves around the youngest member of the group, a 4th grader.

We came into being spontaneously when she happened upon “Anne of Green Gables” almost a year ago. That led to my exclaiming: “My favorite book!” and we were off and running. In the ensuing months we have read and discussed some five books over suppers, but this was a literary luncheon.

Our discussion arose from “Hattie Big Sky” warmly recommended to her by her school librarian. It is a realistic story of a 16 year old trying to salvage the claim to Montana land left her by her deceased uncle. It doesn’t have the traditional happy ending, so our nine-year-old went to book two, “Hattie Ever After” to see if things ever became “ right”. We adults in the group had to scramble to catch up.

We needed a full hour to talk about reality, about the fact that some people are not all bad or all good and about not being able to have everything turn out the way we planned. If you haven’t had the opportunity to think about those lately, I warmly recommend your finding a youngster to help you see them with new eyes.

We older ones also had to see the animals in each story from the perception of a child. Since our member lives in a rural area where her grandfather has horses and her family is raising chickens, these other creatures of God are very important to her.

I thought of Jesus and the little children. I’d love to know what stories they had to tell him, but I am sure he had as much enlightenment time from them as I did from our book club ‘s shared thoughts. I warmly recommend the experience!


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