Polling the Founding Fathers
Posted on April 26, 2016

I would love to ask one of the Founding Fathers if this is what they could have imagined! I am referring to the current mad race for president which occupies all the forms of media in our lives.

I am strongly tempted to shout with the wise man of the Bible: “Vanity of vanities! All is vanity!” when I consider that we do not yet have an official candidate from either party. These all just preliminaries and they have been front and center for a year already. Did Thomas Jefferson or John Adams ever dream it could come to this?

One thing is certain: we are testing the stamina of the 60 and 70 year olds who aspire to the office, and I am in admiration of whatever is sustaining them. How do they hop on one more airplane, eat one more bite of ethnic food or shake one more outstretched hand? Do they wake up and wonder what state it is today? They must if they are human.

My deepest concern is that we are hearing sound bites and not issues . For this I blame both the media and us. The media have rightly judged that we the people have short attention spans and so they highlight the ear-catching phrase. No one has time for a carefully reasoned presentation of facts that coincide with law. Are we getting what we deserve?

I had a wild flight of fancy that led me to realize that Jesus knew exactly what he was doing by coming to earth when he did. Yes, his audience was much smaller than the one he could have gathered today but they were willing to listen to a Sermon on the Mount. Today his audience would have been eager for the commercial break.

My homework for today is pondering what I need to do to not get lost on my way to Election Day as I claim the civic duty those Founding Fathers gave us. I have to sift plans based on reality from Tooth Fairy wishes. Our future is in our hands. It is a great trust.


Jack Turner on May 22, 2016

I suggest you read "Magnificent Catastrophe" by Ed Larson and then I could find you a few articles and other books that would show that today's Presidential race would not appear as outlandish as you infer. Your statement, "Did Thomas Jefferson or John Adams ever dream it could come to this?" is proof of you ignorance of those times. Those two gentlemen and the "media" of the day, including the formation of political parties(against the rigorous admonitions from George Washington); these were the impetus of what you see today

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