What is Real?
Posted on May 24, 2016

So much in the headlines at the moment pushes us into the past, even as we ponder the future. As “Hamilton” and now its spinoff book dominate the world of the theatre, we have had a lively debate on putting a woman on some piece of our paper money ,and eager politicians keep referring to great ones from the past whom they are imitating. It makes for a jumble, doesn’t it?

I was amused that the popularity of Hamilton, because of the musical, has kept him safe from deletion on the five dollar bill. The woman has to go elsewhere. If this had been two years ago, he would have been deleted with nary a regretful tear.

I am more amused in this unpredictable primary season to hear so many references to great ones and great times from the past that some eager office-seeker is about to reproduce. Have they never heard that “you can’t go back again”? What about moving us into a great future?

I have never heard a candidate honestly admit that he doesn’t know what the future will bring but that he will continue to try his hardest, come what may. That is certainly not very snappy npr likely to stir a crowd, but it might be honest.

Frankly, as two of the highest placed members of our state government are sentenced to prison for their greed and audacity in thinking their actions above the law, a candidate who says: “I promise to be honest and truthful” might be a blessed relief. It won’t happen.

We voters were given enormous power by the Constitution, but we are not careful with it. We do not listen long enough to challenge those ideas that are totally contrary to the powers granted to the governing. Some would-be presidents need to look diligently at what they can and cannot do on that momentous “first day” on the job. With what they have promised, one, no day will be long enough, and two, impeachment proceedings will begin on day three since they were elected president, not dictator for life.

I am doing two things as my civic duty: fact checking every promise of the candidates for public office who will appear on my ballot, and two, praying hard that each of them anchors him or herself in achievable reality. That should be possible.


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