The Higher They Rise...
Posted on October 4, 2016

As I write this, my background “music” is the constant drill from the skyscraper being erected across from our office building. They are drilling into the bedrock of Manhattan Island, but after weeks of effort, I think they should arrive soon!

Irritating as it might be, it is necessary if that building is to stand upright in New York weather. This came home to me with clarity when I read last week of the building in San Francisco, built on land reclaimed from the bay. Its 58 floors contain 400 millionaires’ apartments, and the building is slowly sinking into the earth beneath. Unfortunately, it is not sinking uniformly. It lists to one side, to the dismay of the tenants on the upper floors as they survey what is now a 16 inch list, offering a new version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Whether it is the fault of the architects or the engineers, I will leave to the experts. What happens to the investments of the occupants, I will leave to the courts. I will also let some expert decide when it is time to say, “Flee now!” I won’t begin to ask who is responsible for erecting skyscrapers in a city that sits on an earthqualke fault.

But there is one thought that seems so apropos. Remember the last thing Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount? It was about the wise man who built his house on rock, unlike the foolish one who built his house on sand.

Maybe those responsible for the San Francisco blunder should have consulted their Bibles before beginning. So much of religion is just plain common sense, which gets more and more rare. As the drill across the street drones on, I decide to be grateful for what its sound means!


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