Untethered and Balanced
Posted on October 25, 2016

A good deed so often carries with it unintended consequences and, in a pessimistic mode, we mutter: “No good deed goes unpunished.” In this case, the consequences were liberating!

Sr. Catherine and I had an SOS from her brother that he needed to be away for a funeral and could we come to his rescue and mind the ranch for 24 hours. The ranch meant 3 horses, a barn cat and a flock of chickens. We agreed, and the blessings began.

We drove up by way of a mountain road through the Catskills, stopping at our favorite lake for a picnic on the way. Sheer beauty and absolute peace.

Once established at home base, all we had to do was get the horses from corral to stable, feed them and the cat, and lock up the flock for the night. The long afternoon was ours before it would be time for any of that.

What we had forgotten was that there is no Wi-Fi in the mountains and the TV had no reception. This was going to be an unplugged time and it proved to be amazing. There was no use wondering who had just sent an email or what the headlines might be. We were outside the 21st century. So, open a printed book, with pages and a cover, and read. And we did!

We got everyone tucked in for the might and did the same for ourselves, awakening to a wonderland of frosted beauty as the temperatures had dipped into the twenties during the night. Our horses were raring to go after their breakfast and galloped across the road into the corral as if the Derby awaited them. Sorry, boys, there was only the allure of the hay we had spread while they were munching their oats.

We went back to the house and packed up for the return trip through the mountains that were glorious with that paintbrush that God gets out each October in this part of creation. Added to that uplift of the soul was a feeling of total relaxation. I could not believe that being untethered from electronics could have that effect. Since it had all been beyond my control I had no residual guilt for not answering emails promptly or doing any number of computer chores.

Maybe I need more trips to the mountains to stay balanced.


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