She Was Right
Posted on November 1, 2016

Of course she was, but I had never doubted her word. At a recent lecture, Sr. Elizabeth Johnson, theologian, suggested that those looking for further material on our earth, climate change and their challenges go to the Science Section of the NY TIMES. She could not have been more correct.

Happily, it was very dark on my interstate bus this morning at 5:30 AM so no one could see my jaw dropping as I read, with amazement and humility, some of the latest scientific reports. I read of the Titanosaur, a towering mammoth who stood on our earth 95 million years ago, half the length of a basketball court! This skeleton was found in Australia, but his ancestors had migrated there from South America over a now missing land bridge.

I next read about the heavens with the interestingl prediction that, before another year elapses, some telescope will certainly find the missing ninth planet, the unknown that tilts our solar system slightly in its orbit. Since this planet orbits the sun only every 17,117 years it is small wonder we have missed it!

And the very next article reported on an exhibit of ancient sundials, including portable ones that helped keep some Roman citizen on time for his appointments in a world without our ubiquitous cell phones. If you couldn’t afford your own, there were public ones, much like the clocks that adorn some of our buildings. In every era, man is being pulled by obligations to time.

There were other items to wonder at, including the restoration of fish to rivers that have not seen them in years. All one had to do was to remove the dams that prevent their migrations. They returned, moved by some ancestral memory chip, to their original spawning grounds and we are blessed with new food sources.

At this point I had to stop reading and pray, prayers of wonder at our God who made all these forces of nature since I cannot accept the fact that they turned up on their own. I also mused on our human paradox of scientific genius in discovering some of the above and at our stupidity at having caused such errors as the dearth of fish. Did no one think?

I went back to the Book of Job to reread chapters 38-40, and with him I was silent with awe and gratitude. What an amazing history we human beings have and what wonders still lie before us in the mysteries of science. Praise God!


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