Out of Breath
Posted on November 15, 2016

Living as we do in an ever-shifting landscape, do you ever feel that you need to stop and catch your breath? However, life doesn’t allow that, so we can only point out some breathless moments on our horizons.

We are exhausted from over 600 days of political campaigning. We have heard the predictions of too many pollsters who now have been proven to have been largely off target. The world of journalism has been excoriated for not having found the line between news and entertainment. But there are other issues too, aren’t there? More and more public funds have not fixed our public schools. A favorite grocery store has disappeared and a trendy boutique has taken its place... You might want to add to this list to make it quite personal.

In a month that has both changed the political horizon and that also proposes a national day of gratitude, we might feel as if we are stuck in some very shifting sands and our control panels have lost their light. So many people have spoken to me of this sense of mental disarray for which we have had no preparation. That is so true because our lives are being lived in an era of incredible changes that could not have been foreseen and which bewilder us.

I am a bit out of mental breath too, but before I join the more despairing among us, I would like to suggest a remedy. I am no more wise than any of you but when it all threatens to overcome me I have one ace in my pocket. That is prayer or, as one person has said, the power to simply hold a situation in love.

I do not know how the non-believer or the religiously heedless cope with the pace of change. They must have their secrets so you will have to ask them. I, however, am a firm believer in the strengthening gift of quiet prayer. I do not expect God to “fix” anything. I do ask him to help me find the positive in the negative and to hold on my belief that we are not abandoned passengers afloat on a rudderless ship. There is a God of wisdom above all this restless change. I believe he can give me the grace to meet its challenges.

Will you join me in that trust?


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