Keeping Us Safe
Posted on January 17, 2017

I am just back from a trip to Texas and Homeland Security almost got me.

I was sailing merrily through the Houston airport , marveling that there were so few people in the screening line, when my bag was flagged for further inspection. The examiner commented on my neat packing and then reached in to pull out the offending item for a closer look. I wanted to see what it was too. Well, it was a fruit cake that the monks I had been staying with had given me as a parting gift!

It had appeared as a suspicious item to the screener. A harmless looking lady of a certain vintage could indeed be a terrorist in our new world. I silently hoped my examiner wasn’t going to confiscate it, and he didn’t. A few swipes of the explosive detecting papers convinced him of my innocence and he repacked my cake.

We parted on the note of my offering to pray for him and his reply was, “We can never get too much of that.” All ended well.

I slept badly that night, over-tired, I guess, and awoke to the local radio station announcing the undoubted future collision of our Milky Way galaxy with the Andromeda galaxy, an event we are traveling toward every hour at a pace that covers the distance from earth to moon.

Since my fuzzy brain could not conjure up where Andromeda was, I shook myself awake to follow the story that then went on to say we have just 4 billion years to prepare for this. I lay back down, happy that I had more time before it all ends.

In our edgy, suspicion-driven world fruitcakes and galaxies have ceased to be neutral items and require second glances. It is the new normal, isn’t it? The only response has to be the one from my second screener. Prayer is the best remedy for balancing our lives as we welcome each new day. Let’s pray on together.


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