We Have a Song to Sing
Posted on April 18, 2017

We have all seen the banner hanging outside a church or read the words on a signboard: “We Are Easter People and Alleluia is Our Name.” I love it, but I often ask: is it true for all Christians?

If it were, we would be the most joyous folks the planet has ever known. We would live so positively that our mental and physical health would improve and every day would offer an adventure. That doesn’t seem to happen so let’s wonder why.

Today was another rainy Tuesday and my interstate bus hit traffic problems. The turnstiles at Port Authority were not working properly, so the back-up looked like bargain day in a department store. But it is still a good day because I am alive to be part of all these twists and turns. Do we say thank you enough for that gift of life? That, to me, is the unstressed part of the Easter song.

The NY TIMES has run a 2 part series in its Science section on the benefits to health of thinking positively. I bet Dr. Peale is having a chuckle over that from his higher perch. That was something he preached decades ago, and for which he was alternately praised and vilified. However, he could never renounce the gift he had found at the heart of the Christian message. He knew how life-changing it could be.

Too many of us get stuck with the stark truth of Good Friday and never move on. Pain is more real than joy to so many. In this wonderful season let us rediscover how the Easter message can linger in our lives. We owe it to ourselves. May we become Alleluia people!


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