On the 12th Day of Christmas
Posted on January 6, 2014

Were we true to our liturgical calendars, we would be celebrating the triumphant climax of the Christmas season today. However, I imagine that many have long since packed away the manger scene and forgotten the ongoing joy that today remembers.

Happily, our Eastern European neighbors are just beginning their Christmas festivities with the arrival of the Magi as the revelation to the non-Jews that Christ has come for all of us.

Epiphany comes from the Greek name for the feast since it means "showing forth, making known." That fits into the beauty of the Christmas story which is not limited to one time, one people or one place. The very openness of the animal shelter in Bethlehem means that the Christian message has to have an open door policy. We haven't always been good at this, have we? So often down through the ages, we Christians have tried to make our faith a kind of private club for members only.

Let's bury that attitude today as we celebrate those intrepid travelers who came from somewhere beyond the Fertile Crescent seeking this Child. They were looking for the King of the Jews, yet seemed in no way nonplussed by what they actually found.

I love to imagine what happened when the Magi ultimately returned home to relate their adventures. Can you hear a Mrs. Magi exclaiming:

"you went all that way to find a Child?"
The answer: "No, not just a Child, but Love."

That is what we need to keep sharing. Christmas is for more than a day.


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