A Week Called Holy
Posted on April 14, 2014

This is such a special week as both Christians and Jews around the world celebrate holy days within the same time span.

On Monday evening our Jewish neighbors and friends will be gathering for their Passover, remembering at their tables that night "different from all other nights in the year" when God sent Moses to lead them from Egyptian slavery into the freedom of a new life.

At the same time we Christians are beginning our pilgrimage with Jesus through the final days of his earthly life. We reread his last verbal challenges from the leaders of his people on the first days of this week. Then, on Maundy Thursday, we move to a final meal that he shares with those who have accompanied him thus far. That is the night he faces betrayal by one of them in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Friday, long called Good Friday, is marked by his stark demonstration of his love even to his death. Gripping as is that afternoon, we must move forward through the emptiness of Saturday so that we can be present for the culmination of all he has taught and lived in the blazing beauty of an Easter morning with its message: "He has risen as he said."

This is a week of complex emotions and of deep theology for any serious believer, a week where we have to be careful that the emotional side does not overwhelm the truth of what is being taught.

Our religious stories are sacred and it would almost seem as if the entire Judaeo-Christian world should brace itself for this onslaught of remembrances coming from each synagogue and church. The God we jointly revere has never abandoned his creatures and we all pray thanks for that.

May your week be holy indeed.


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