Are you a professional or non-professional performing, fine or design artist? The Arts Ministry is a safe, welcoming and creative community that provides an inclusive space to gather together to support and recognize one another’s efforts, discuss and resolve issues pertinent to each discipline, be spiritually nurtured and to create art.

Who We Are

The Arts Ministry seeks to create and establish an environment that encourages, nurtures, and invites artists of all kinds to utilize their gifts, talents and skills to benefit the community of Marble Collegiate Church by consciously and fully involving artists in every area of Marble life not only to ensure our own relevance as artists, but to continually breathe new spirit into the body of Christ and the world.

Get Involved

The Fellowship of Professional Artists
This group meets once a month and will address the unique needs of professional artists who are typically more entrepreneurial. Networking, branding, financial matters, goal setting and marketing will be some of the topics discussed, all within a spiritual framework.

All professional artists are welcome. Please RSVP to Mario Sprouse.

The ARTS Peer Support Group
This is a small group (8 - 12 people) who gather twice a month to do more in depth artistic and spiritual growth in relation to our art.

All artists welcome! Please RSVP to Mario Sprouse.

Arts Ministry Facebook Group
Artists of all kinds are invited to join our Arts Ministry Facebook Group. We have created a closed group that offers a welcoming space to support and recognize one another’s efforts, explore issues pertinent to each discipline and be spiritually nurtured. To request to join, visit here.


Inaugural Marble Summer Arts Festival

Sponsored by the Arts Ministry, this festival will showcase Marble’s talent! The week features various programs including music from classical to jazz, dance, film, poetry, plays and fine art including paintings and photography.

Viewing Times:
Monday, June 26 | 4:00-6:00pm

Tuesday, June 27 through Thursday, June 29
Available for viewing just before and after each day's scheduled events.

Participating Gallery Artists

Leon Nicholas Kalas, Diane Aramony, Terry Kelly Chamberlin, Karen Harris, Gerald Jones, Prudence DiBenedetto, Tom Schneider, Patricia Jacobs, Kathleen Agnoli, Judith Jacob, Patrice Donnell, Victoria Pepe, Douglas Powers, Karla Fritsch, Margery Westin

Lacrasia Duchein, Jay Ruckel, Jensen Jacobs, Tricia Marshall, Hope Jasper

Monday, June 26 | 6:15-7:15pm
An Evening Film Viewing
ART BASTARD is the rousing tale of a rebel who never fit into today’s art world, yet has become one of it’s most provocative, rabble-rousing characters. An energetic, humorous and unapologetically honest look at the uncompromising artist Robert Cenendella – a contemporary of Warhol who set himself up in the ‘60s as the anti-Warhol. Cenendella has always been in search of authenticity, and from his story of battling family secrets and his own personal demons, coupled with a look at the money-fueled art establishment, emerges a picture of creating a life on one’s own terms. Featuring Jim MacDonald, Editor; Mario Sprouse, Music Supervisor.

Tuesday, June 27 | 6:00-8:30pm
An Evening of Cabaret

Willie Mae Perry, Linda Lane Smith, Karl Dion Dixon, Jonathan Sargent, Jo Davidson, Aronda Way, Gary Thompson, Kate Troy, Kathryn Allyn, Ed MacEachen

Wednesday, June 28 | 6:15-7:30pm
A Special WeWo Service

Rev. Eyesha Marable

Rev. Melony McGant

Thursday, June 29 | 6:00-8:30pm
An Evening of Plays, Poetry and Prose

David Miller, Rev. Melony McGant, Roberta Morse

  • “The Third Chapter of Daniel, ‘The Burning, Fiery Furnace’" adapted and performed by Scott Baker
  • “Angel of Hope” written by Melissa Bell, performed by Jessica Scovel, Amanda Crewey, Blaine McIndoe
  • “Scratching the Surface” written and performed by De’Anna Lynne
  • “TLC (Tender/Loving/Control)” written by R. Ashton Wall

Joan Paylo will be reading from the first chapter of her forthcoming novel "Miri D'Etoille."

Host: Mario E. Sprouse, Arts Ministry Coordinator

For more information, contact Mario Sprouse.

Ideas for 2017-2018

We have just begun! Here are a few of the ideas we would like our group to explore:

  • Establish a prayer group to pray for artists all over the world.
  • Create juried art exhibits in the Chapel or the Labyrinth Room that correspond to our liturgical calendar (Lent, Advent) or a particular topic (Faith, Love, Sacrifice, etc.)
  • Connect with other arts communities throughout New York City and do joint projects.
  • Invite disabled, hearing impaired and deaf artists to participate in our community.
  • Start a liturgical dance workshop with the hope of contributing to a worship service.
  • Promote volunteer opportunities for artists in the community.
  • Create interactive Bible studies using artists to make the stories come alive.

The Arts Ministry is an important part of the vibrant life of Marble Collegiate Church. We hope you will join us!

Questions? Comments?

Mario Sprouse, Arts Ministry Coordinator
(212) 686-2770 ext. 227