Children, Youth, & Families (CYF)

Summer 2018

During June we’ve had a lot of fun acting out the bible stories. We took turns being Jesus, his followers, the disciples – AND the rain, thunder and lightning!

August: Child care will be provided
Infants: In the church building, 1 West 29th Street, (2nd floor)
Toddlers: At 276 5th Avenue, Room 303

Children in Third Grade and above are encouraged to worship with their families.

Happy Summer!
We hope your days are full of soulful activities – leisure, time, adventure, nature... anything that your soul has been calling for. Stay in touch and we’ll see you in September.

Please contact Jessica Scovel, Director of Children’s Ministry, with any questions.

Building Walls of Jericho with Brownies, blocks and 3-D art.

The Children, Youth and Families Ministry inspires children and youth to develop a loving relationship with God, Jesus Christ and their neighbors through creative and age-appropriate activities that include learning about the Bible, studying our shared Christian history, service to others and fellowship.

Infant Room or Toddler Room?

Parents often ask us, “Which room should my child be in?”

At Marble Church, we take a developmental approach to our children’s care and spiritual development. Please take a moment to review the descriptions below with thought about where your child would be happiest and most comfortable. We always welcome opportunities to speak with caregivers and if we can be of help, please contact Jessica Scovel.

Infant Room

  • Suggested Ages: Newborn – 23 months
  • Space: Quiet, calming
  • Support: One-to-one adult care
  • Activities: Cuddling, feeding, diaper changes, napping, child-centered play
  • Developmental Focus: To develop a sense of trust with Marble staff and security in the Marble environment.

You are in the same building as your child so you can quickly leave the Worship Service if your child needs you.

Toddler Room

  • Suggested Ages: Two – three years old
  • Space: Can be quite active, several transitions between structured activities and unstructured play, periods of busyness as families enter and leave the room.
  • Support: Less one-to-one adult support than in the Infant Room. Children are starting to independently explore the environment and toys.
  • Activities: Group music and story times, developmental play centers, guided and unstructured play
  • Developmental Focus: An introduction to God, prayer and bible stories. In addition, lessons model early concepts and language development as well as early socialization skills.

Whichever the room – infant or toddler – we look forward to spending time with your child!


Infants: 1 West 29th Street, Room 203

Toddlers – 3rd Grades: 276 5th Avenue, 3rd floor, Room 303

4th – 12th Grades: 276 5th Avenue, 3rd floor, Room 300

All Children/Students must be registered with the CYF. Registration forms are available in each classroom.

Children’s Music Opportunities

Our youth learn to communicate God’s message through song and worship services, church functions and special events through our Church School Choir program.

Designed to develop, from a very early age, the music skills and sense of spirituality that are an integral part of Christian choral singing. We have a Cherub Choir and a Children’s Choir. Learn more about these opportunities here.


Please reach out with any questions to Jessica Scovel, Director of the Children’s Ministry.


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Stay tuned for more upcoming events!