Honoring Sister Carol Perry

Where do we find the words to express our love and gratitude for one so important as Sister Carol Perry? Even those of us who speak and write professionally feel a sense of inadequacy when it comes to finding words sufficient to describe her.

For over thirty years, Sister Carol has informed and inspired us. In her classrooms she has taught us what God’s Word actually says, and in her life she has shown us what God’s Love actually looks like. Her fingerprints will forever be indelibly imprinted on our spirits and on the soul of Marble Church.

Though it is difficult to effectively say what she means to us, we do have an opportunity to show how grateful we are. Sister Carol has requested no gifts (though we do encourage personal cards and letters). However, in lieu of gifts, we hope you will consider making a donation to The Sister Carol Perry Fund for Biblical Education. This fund, established in her honor, is meant to ensure that the strong biblical/theological foundation she has built here will live on in perpetuity as we finance the essential ministry of biblical instruction and scholarship.

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Sister Carol Perry

Affectionately known by most at Marble as Sister Carol, she is a gifted teacher and was resident Bible scholar at Marble Collegiate Church for thirty-seven years until May 28, 2017. Sister Carol uses her extensive scholarship and imaginative storytelling skills to offer a fresh and innovative approach to exploring the Scriptures, bringing people and stories of the Bible to life. She continues to teach and lead retreats across the country and even stops by Marble from time to time. See the Archive links below to access her Bible studies, sermons and blogs.

Sister Carol is the Former Chair of the English Department at John A. Coleman High School in Kingston, New York. She received her Master’s degree from St. Mary’s at Notre Dame, Indiana, and studied at Fordham University and Regina Mundi in Rome. Carol Perry is a Sister of Saint Ursula. In April 2014, Sister Carol wrote Waiting for Our Souls to Catch Up, with her newest book being, Among Women.

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