April 2017

12:00 pm – 02:00 pm
Holy Week - No Fellowship. Have a Blessed Easter!
07:30 pm – 08:30 pm
Lent is when we anticipate the victory of the life of Christ over the darkness of sin and death. The authors use select Psalms to help us in times of difficulty – and invite us to see our …
06:15 pm – 07:45 pm
Three Women who Journey with Jesus through Holy week: Mary of Bethany anoints his feet in preparation for His burial; Mary of Nazareth, his mother, stands by Him until His last breath; …
07:00 pm – 08:00 pm
Commemorating Jesus’ final night with dramatic readings, and special music by The Marble Choir. Holy Communion.
12:00 am
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11:30 am – 01:15 pm
11:30am: Instrumental Music for Prayer and Meditation Noon: Let’s Talk About Success (The Passion Story) Will be live streamed. The Marble Festival of Voices: Requiem of Antonín Dvořá…
01:15 pm – 03:00 pm
Come and go as you wish. Meets in the New Chapel and the labyrinth will be available for walking.
07:00 pm – 08:00 pm
New Orleans-Style Jazz Funeral For Christ.
This special broadcast will air on the ABC Television Network, Easter Sunday, April 16 at 1:30pm in New York. Celebrate Easter at Marble Collegiate Church is a dynamic, joyful celebrat…
08:15 am – 09:00 am
A time for prayer, Scripture reading, and singing. Led by Rev. Gregory Johnson. Holy Communion most Sundays. Returns to 10:00am after Easter.