June 5 2016

Summer Spirituality Series - Spirituality & the Arts

Labyrinth Room
Sunday, June 5, 2016
10:00 am – 10:45 am

Sister Carol Perry
"The Bible and the Arts"

Speakers: Sister Carol Perry, Rev. Kirsty DePree

God, the creator, is the wellspring of the creative spirit, and for centuries, the Christian Church has been a focal source for artistic creations. Spirituality and the Arts affirms this tradition.

This summer we will provide opportunities for gathering together to stimulate creative expression and conversation about a variety of artistic endeavors that inspire and inform the mind, heart, and spirit. This series is an opportunity to come and explore a new or deeper dynamic connection to the arts.

June 12
Karla Fritsch / Photography

June 19
Brian Hampton / Theatre

June 26
Kenneth Dake / Music

July 10
Dr. Kimberleigh Jordan / Dance

July 17
Russ Lane and Rev. Kirsty DePree / Culinary

July 24
Jamie Roach / Acting and Drama

July 31
The Marble Colloquium / Dr. Harold Horell

August 7
Judy Tulin and Tom Schneider / Painting

August 14
Sheril Antonio / Film

August 21
Chad Tanaka Pack / Patronage and the Arts

August 28
Series Wrap-Up

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