April 16 2017

ABC-TV Easter Special

Marble Church
Sunday, April 16, 2017
12:00 am

Dr. Michael B. Brown

This special broadcast will air on the ABC Television Network, Easter Sunday, April 16 at 1:30pm in New York.

Celebrate Easter at Marble Collegiate Church is a dynamic, joyful celebration of Easter, the highest of Christian holy days.

“Our Faith contends that God’s power is greater than any challenges the world throws our way - that life is stronger than death and that hope is restored for us all.” –Dr. Michael B. Brown, Senior Minister, Marble Collegiate Church, New York City.

Celebrate Easter at Marble Collegiate Church is an uplifting and positive celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ using contemporary metaphors grounded in solid theology. Dr. Michael B. Brown provides a poignant and inspirational message, along with music from one of the grandest pipe organs in New York City and Marble’s exceptional award winning choirs. Music selections will include Jesus Christ is Risen Today, The Strife is O’er and the Hallelujah Chorus.You will know that Christ has risen!

Celebrate Easter at Marble Collegiate Church will air on Easter Sunday, April 16 on ABC, going out to over 40 million households. We hope yours will be one of them. In New York it will air at 1:30pm -- for airtimes around the country, please click on the button below.

This opportunity was made possible through our valuable partnership with The Interfaith Broadcasting Commission. The IBC’s dedication to enliven the discussion and expression of religious faith for viewers of all ages across the country, for years, has given Marble the ability to reach millions. To learn more about the IBC and their good work, please go to: http://interfaithbroadcasting.com/

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