Associate Minister (CYF and Connection), Part Time

Reports To
Senior Associate Minister

General Summary
The Associate Minister, along with sharing in the ministerial responsibilities for the congregation such as worship liturgy and pastoral care, will focus on managing and overseeing the daily and weekly operations of the Children, Youth and Families Ministry and Connection (the 20s and 30s ministry). This will include overseeing all Sunday and weekday operations and events in CYF and Connection.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Collaborate with the Senior Minister, Senior Associate Minister and appropriate staff related to successful coordination and expansion of assigned ministries and groups. Ministries such as congregational care, education, missions/outreach, fellowship groups, etc. are applicable examples.
  2. Collaborate with the Director of Children’s Ministry to manage day-to-day operations of the CYF Ministry.
  3. Work with the Director of Children’s Ministry with planning of CYF Calendar, child care, music staff, and teaching staff.
  4. Manage ongoing communication with members of Youth and Connection.
  5. Collaborate with the Director of Children’s Ministry to provide leadership for all CYF events – including worship, special events, and outreach.
  6. Collaborate with other Program Directors and ministerial Staff in regards to Youth and Connection involvement in the church.
  7. Share the responsibility for producing the monthly newsletter and/or emailing calendar communications for members of CYF and take full responsibility for communications for Connection.
  8. Manage, in cooperation with the Director of Children’s Ministry, the CYF budget and fully manage Connection budgets.
  9. Coordinate publicity and promotion for CYF and Connection programs and events in conjunction with other staff (includes announcements for bulletins and Sunday services).
  10. Attend program staff meetings.
  11. Schedule yearly calendar of events for CYF, along with Director of Children’s Ministry, and Connection events at the church and offsite.
  12. Mediate interpersonal conflicts between volunteers and participants with the assistance of other Ministerial staff.
  13. Worship leadership: participate regularly in Sunday and/or Wednesday worship by leading prayers, litanies, announcements, etc.
  14. Participate in church-wide events, team meetings, etc., some of which occur on weeknights and weekends.
  15. Nurture and add to the Connection leadership team and reach out to newcomers to the Marble community who show an interest in that area of programming.

Specific Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Expectations

  1. Ordained minister of word and sacrament.
  2. Knowledge and experience in Christian education and church life.
  3. Ability to supervise.
  4. Ability to handle programming of multiple fellowship and program groups.
  5. Ability to get along well with others.

Range of $50,000-$60,000 per year for 20-25 hours of work per week. Benefits not included.

How to Apply
Please submit a cover letter and resume to Rev. Kirsty DePree, Senior Associate Minister, at EOE