An Indispensable Guide Book for the Exploration of any Faith Journey

The latest book from Dr. Michael B. Brown, A Five-Mile Walk, explores themes in a personal journey of Christian faith and discipleship.

In A Five-Mile Walk, Dr. Michael B. Brown serves as a guide, asking us to consider the paths our journey will take, making us active participants in exploring our attitudes, emotions, expectations, community, and faithfulness. These are indispensable questions to ask ourselves if we are serious about living faithfully as followers of Jesus.

Each of our experiences is different. Learning what we believe about God and what God expects from us is an ongoing journey. Sometimes it is a stroll along quiet shores. Other times it is a grueling uphill climb on narrow mountain paths. Usually, it is simply walking in the direction of wholeness, one step after another, many times even two steps forward and one step back.

Though these are not the only paths we travel on our Christian journey, they are an excellent way to begin setting your feet to path of living into your Faith and deepening your personal growth on a journey to knowing God more deeply and fully.

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Available in person, Sundays, in the Marble Loft at Marble Collegiate Church.

Book Reviews

This is a wonderfully warm and wise guide for any Christian seeking to live our faith more fully. Michael Brown highlights the words of the Bible with practical suggestions and insightful questions about Christian living both individually and in community. No reader will be disappointed by these pages. I warmly recommend that you take them in hand and see for yourself how your journey might be more meaningful.

- Carol M. Perry, SU, Resident Bible Scholar, Marble Collegiate Church

In this road map to modern Christianity, Michael Brown offers an invaluable resource for individuals and communities living with the conviction that an ancient faith can and must be vibrant and transformational today. Be prepared to be changed and challenged by this excellent book.

- Rev. Dr. Amy Butler, Senior Minister, The Riverside Church