Anti-Racism Resource Guide

About our Anti-Racism Resource Guide

We must be committed for the long haul. The unjust and sinful acts toward people of color are intertwined with our country’s history. It also means we must be committed to conversations, sometimes uncomfortable ones, about how racism manifests itself within us, between us, and in our organizations. Finally, it means we must be committed to thinking about who we are as a church in all of this.

This Anti-Racism Guide is an evolving resource that features various types of media (books, articles, podcasts, documentaries, film) to allow a number of entry points into the conversation. At the

top of each section, you’ll find our Top Picks, good places from which to begin, plus asterisks on highly recommended texts and films.

Thank you for visiting this page and joining us as we learn more, discuss and work to respond to the pain and suffering that exists every day in our midst. At Marble Church, with Jesus as our guide, we are committed to doing the work of anti-racism in our congregation and our community.

All the Collegiate Churches stand together in this work. To read a Statement from the Collegiate Churches of New York, click here.