Online Tea Time with Kim & Siobhan: A Prayer Walk Through Ukraine

Wednesday, March 16, 2022
1:00pm - 2:00pm

Join us on Zoom as we learn about and share in the beauty of Ukraine while holding its people in our hearts and prayers. For more information or questions, please reach out to Siobhan Tull for more information.

World Central Kitchen is running food across borders 24/7 for families (primarily women and children) in Ukraine, and also providing food to refugee camps in neighboring countries like Poland and Romania. They are also working with restaurants inside Ukraine to help get free meals to people who are trapped. (

Care is focusing on supporting women and families with emergency food, water, shelter and hygiene kits. (

Americares has an emergency response team on the ground in Poland to support health services for families affected by the escalating humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Americares has 3 tons of critical medicine and medical supplies on the way to an organization working inside Ukraine, for hospitals and responders there. We are also beginning to provide financial support for local organizations involved in refugee services during the crisis response. (

Heart to Heart International has teams in Poland with Partners and resources on the ground in Ukraine to coordinate shipments of aid. They have pallets of medicine and medical supplies to be distributed to hospitals and clinics throughout Ukraine. And tens of thousands of hygiene kits to distribute within Ukraine as well as for the refugees surrounding Ukraine. (

International Fund for Animal Welfare:

Charity Navigator can assist in determining the veracity and efficacy of a charitable organization.

Scenic Relaxation Tours (YouTube) – Ukraine: