MWM: Find Joy in Each Day - Online

Monday, June 27, 2022
6:00pm - 7:30pm

Spiritual/creative colorist Betsy Karp offers a unique experience using the unconscious impact of color to find a fresh way of looking at life through a new conscious lens. She dives into the creative process of being, enjoying, and loving your most authentic self. Doing this inner work will not only improve your mental health, but your productivity, clarity in life, and how you work together with others.

With a focus on the power of color, Betsy shares:

• An introduction to the meaning behind color, the chakras, and how they relate to your spirit, your mind, and your body;

• Interactive questions and prompts for you to see the power of color in your own life;

• Practical tips and tricks to harness the power of color to influence your daily life in new ways.

Cost, $20; register in advance online by Sunday, June 26.

Register Online

This program is by Zoom only; information to join the program will be sent to you Monday morning, June 27.

Betsy Karp

Spiritual creative leader and a mental health consultant.