... and Such We Are
Posted on May 25, 2014

An acquaintance died some time ago. It was not suicide, but it was close. She literally starved herself to death.

I used to see her jogging or walking, almost every day. In good weather or terrible, whether feeling well or suffering from the flu, nothing stopped her. She had to walk and run every morning and every afternoon. Meanwhile, she denied herself food. Family tried to intervene. Physicians tried to reason with her or treat her. But in the end, anorexia won. She died still harboring an image of herself that had virtually no contact at all with reality.

Just Do It
Posted on May 18, 2014

Page and I saw something on TV recently that grabbed my attention. A man in Ohio has taken on a cause. His cause is literacy for poor and at-risk children. Here’s how the idea came to him. He and his very young daughter were giving away some of her books. A certain child happened by, whereupon the daughter said: “Hi! You want one of these books?” The other child answered: “Really? All my own? I’ve never had a book before.” The dad said the little child held it in her hands like it was fourteen carat gold, eyes wide as a huge grin spread across her face. When she walked away, his daughter asked, “Daddy, is that true? How can any kid not have books?” At that moment, he said, he sensed a Calling. He would organize efforts to put books in the hands of young children who might have none of their own. He has found “a” cause. Maybe it is not earth-changing, but it could be for the children who have no access to reading materials at home. Maybe it will not end world hunger or bring about world peace, but it will make the world a more informed, imaginative, and fascinating place for the children whom he and his daughter help.

Learning to Walk in the Dark
Posted on May 11, 2014

Following WeWo last week, Rick Harper handed me a copy of the latest Time Magazine. The cover article was about Barbara Brown Taylor (the brilliant preacher/theologian/professor from Georgia) and her latest book, a memoir entitled “Learning to Walk in the Dark."

Positive Thinking
Posted on May 4, 2014

I heard comments from two different cab drivers about the same topic on the same day recently. It was almost May. Spring was supposed to have sprung by then. Warm weather, flowers in bloom, birds singing, people playing Frisbee in the Central Park, sidewalk cafes bustling, all of the above should have been our reality. Instead that day, it was raining cats-and-dogs, and the temperature was in the upper 40s. One driver said to me: “I am sick of this weather! I am sick of winter never going away! I am sick of everything I see when I look through my windshield!” The other man (same day, same weather, same traffic) said: “We need rain. It makes everything grow like it’s supposed to.”