Pentecost 2015
Posted on May 25, 2015

I write this on the week before Pentecost Sunday. I’ve been working on my upcoming sermon which is, obviously, about Pentecost – the birthday of The Church when the book of Acts says the Holy Spirit came upon the believers “like the rush of a mighty wind.” It came not only to enliven and inspire those first century Christians, but also to fill them so that God’s Spirit could speak through them.

Not Listening
Posted on May 18, 2015

When he was just a little boy, my younger son used to ask me if I were listening. We would sit together on the couch. The television would be on (usually a ball game), and Zachary would be chattering. The topic didn’t matter to him as much as the activity of telling you about it. The kid loved to talk. Sometimes he would become concerned that Daddy was paying more attention to the game on TV than to what he was talking about. So, he had two questions and a comment I could always count on: “Are you listening?” (“Yes, son, I’m listening.”) “What did I just say?” (Sometimes that one was tougher to answer, especially if the game was exciting.) And finally, whether or not I had answered the second question correctly: “Well, you didn’t look like you were listening.”

Posted on May 11, 2015

What happens when doors do not easily open for a person, when he or she always feels pushed to the edges, left out, left behind, forced to look in from the outside? I had that conversation today with two very special and valued people – one a staff member and the other an active congregant. We discussed how when traditional groups refuse us entry, most of us will find someplace else to belong.

Posted on May 4, 2015

I know it’s not Stewardship season, and I know we preachers get picked on a lot about asking for money. So, apologies x 2. But, I was looking through some statistics that I found interesting, and I thought I’d write a blog about them. And anyway, if you’re not in the mood for thoughts about our money and what we do with it, you can read a different blog. There are lots to choose from, and as you know this is not a frequent topic.