Luther Seminary
Posted on October 12, 2015

Last week I was privileged to be one of the presenters at the annual Celebration of Biblical Preaching Conference at Luther Seminary, in St. Paul, Minnesota. Five of us (Karoline Lewis from Luther, Barbara Lundblad from Union, Luke Powery from Duke, Otis Moss from Trinity UCC in Chicago, and I) addressed three hundred (mostly) Lutheran ministers from throughout the Midwest. Each presenter preached one sermon and delivered one lecture. The overall theme of the week was “The Courage to Preach.” It was a helpful event to me, as I was able to listen to the other four presenters talk about what preaching requires of them (and of us all who seek to do it), what it means to speak The Word in the presence not merely of God’s gathered people but truly in the presence of God, what is the difference between having to say something and having something to say, and how we go approach this sacred craft in similar but also particularly personal ways.

Posted on October 5, 2015

I’m bored, in a culinary way of speaking. I’m not undernourished. You can take one look at me and know that. I’m not doing without good food (and by “good,” I don’t just mean nutritious but also tasty). But, I have returned to the low-carb diet that I do three or four times a year. I’ve found it’s the only way I can actually take pounds off. I don’t jog. I fail miserably at calorie counting. I cannot survive on foods that God obviously designed to be eaten by rabbits, not by mortals. But, I can do low carbs.