Prairie Home Companion
Posted on February 29, 2016

I write this on Saturday night, February 27, at 8:00 p.m. I have just finished viewing “A Prairie Home Companion” live-streamed by NPR. It was a sentimental and nostalgic show since it was the final time that PHC will be broadcast from The Fitzgerald Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. That theater has been home for the show for many years. Across those years those of us who do not live in St. Paul, or in Minnesota for that matter, have developed a special attachment to the area.

Kalamazoo Shootings
Posted on February 24, 2016

It seems to happen every week, breaking news that someone somewhere in our nation has gone on a shooting rampage, and lives have been lost. I write this having just read of a driver in Kalamazoo, Michigan, who, between rides, randomly shot and murdered six innocent people. Who knows what news will break next week or the week after?

Pentecost Preparation
Posted on February 22, 2016

I’m not sure how many folks read these blogs, but I have a favor to ask of those who do. Pentecost Sunday is May 15. That’s still a while away, but I want you to help me prepare for it. And there are two things specifically I need.

Multi-Faith Peacemaking
Posted on February 15, 2016

A friend of mine, a rabbi, said to me some time ago: “This world is troubling. You better start bringing more Jesus to the table.” I thought it was an interesting remark, coming from a leader of another Faith. I responded lightly, and he countered seriously: “I mean it, Michael. I keep talking about what Judaism says about Peace. My friends who are Imams keep talking about what Islam says about Peace. We’re counting on you to bring Jesus to the table. He talked about Peace, right?” Right! As Christians, we are called upon to bring Jesus to the table – and especially all He said about things like, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.”

Posted on February 8, 2016

Anyone who knows me realizes that I love music – especially old R&B, as well as classic rock, standards, etc. In a previous life, I spent four years as a radio DJ. I guess those who can’t play it or sing it can at least broadcast it. Anyway, music has always been a solace for me – a means of transport from the stresses of now to temporary oases of song and thought.

Posted on February 1, 2016

I write this as the snow is melting outside. The initial joy of the season’s first snow is long since passed. The heart-rending stories of people who suffered tragic losses, some who even lost their lives, have poured in. An occasional pretty white blanket of snow with kids and dogs frolicking is one thing. A blizzard is quite another.