Marble is known for being a kind and nurturing place to explore and grow in one’s faith. Your questions can be lived into safely, passionately, and in the good company of fellow travelers on their own spiritual journey.

As Jesus said, “Teach them all things.” Our teaching ministry is not just information, but transformation of the heart, mind and soul into living more fully into your faith every day.

Whether you’re looking for practical spiritual tools to help you with life’s daily challenges, or inspiration to go deeper on your faith walk, Marble’s Spiritual Growth offerings have something for everyone.

Spiritual Growth Opportunities

We take intriguing topics central to our faith and look at them in a different way, through lenses that are biblical, theological, psychological, or practical. Speakers are a mixture of those in the Marble Community and noted outside experts; classes are a range of lecture, Q&A, panel discussion, personal exercises, and more. (Some classes are available via Live Webcast 10:00am, ET)

  • Small Groups - Further faith exploration in a smaller setting, with other inquisitive people is a powerful way to deepen your spiritual journey. A small group actively equips you with the spiritual tools to put your faith in action and allows us to deepen relationships that can be transforming.
  • The Colloquium - Throughout the church year we welcome outstanding scholars from the spectrum of theological and ecclesiastical academia to offer presentations on current and yet provocative topics of relevance to the modern church in Marble’s unique urban setting.
  • Virtual Groups - Belonging together in a family of diverse individuals, sharing experiences together in celebration, tribulation and with inspiration, allows us to form deep relationships that are life transforming. As a Christian Covenant Community, we are growing into the teachings of Jesus Christ, living into a spiritual journey toward wholeness, love and a deeper understanding of God and all humanity. For more information, contact Siobhan Tull.

Throughout the church year we also have a variety of special event lectures and classes. Visualize yourself growing in the Spirit, and join us to put your faith in action. Let’s grow together!

Contemplation Exercise

As part of our ongoing exploration of the spiritual practice of contemplation, take out a pen and journal and engage in a simple writing exercise. Consider what you have experienced this week and jot down on a piece of paper or journal:

1) An experience of authentic joy you had
2) An experience that made you sad
3) An encounter with someone else that brought joy or sorrow to your heart

After writing, take a moment to pray for God to grant you insight into your experiences of joy, sorrow, and anger this week. What might God want to teach you about yourself, others, or the world around you?