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Some hints to further your enjoyment of the new virtual art tour:

1. Use your cursor to go left to right or up and down
2. The circle with the square on the right is full-screen mode
3. Click it again to exit full-screen
4. Left double click mouse 1x it zooms.
5. Left double click mouse again and it zooms again.
6. Left double click again on the mouse and it goes back to the original size.
7. The program is set to AutoPlay. Clicking on the tour image halts the AutoPlay
8. Refresh your screen, and AutoPlay begins again.
9. Clicking on the white dots next to the art reveals an expanded view of each art piece.
10. You can look at the other art pieces in this expanded view by clicking the directional arrows.

Light and Hope: The Journey of Lent

Lent starts in the middle of winter and ends up on the cross. In between, there is the interplay of light and darkness, indoors and outdoors, outward expression, and inward meditation. There is also hope, but our hope is in Christ, and that hope seemed to be lost on what we call Good Friday. Created by Victoria Pepe, this Virtual Reality exhibit invites us to experience our own inner perceptions as we journey through this Holy Season. VR goggles are not required but do enhance the experience. The exhibit will be up from February 17 until April 2.

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"Journey" - a video by Victoria Pepe

Click anywhere on the video to begin.

Black History Month VR exhibit:
"We've Come This Far by Faith"

Sponsored by the Arts Ministry

All are invited to view the new Virtual Reality art exhibit "We've Come This Far by Faith" in honor of Black History Month. Created by Victoria Pepe, this exhibit features several Marble artists in the setting of the Labyrinth Room. VR goggles are not required but do enhance the experience. The exhibit will be up throughout the month of February.

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Advent Art Show

December 9 thru December 24

Video created by Victoria Pepe

The season of Advent is celebrated for 4 weeks prior to Christmas and highlights the experience of waiting for the Christ child to be born again in our hearts, spirits, and our world. Feelings of expectation, anticipation, and hope abound. Yet some of us also experience depression and despair during what can be a bleak time of year.

“Advent – Winter Waiting” endeavors to show a full range of emotional expression in visual art and poetry which represents all that we sense while we wait for Christmas Day to arrive. Sometimes these feelings are characterized by animals or inanimate objects. The artists who are participating in this show offer us the opportunity to explore what it means to wait and to anticipate with hope what is to come. View the full list of artists' bios.

Virtual Reality Christmas Art Show

Sponsored by the Arts Ministry

You are invited to visit a colorful virtual reality Christmas Art Show in the Labyrinth Room. By clicking on the link below you can enjoy taking a 360-degree tour of a fully inspirational artistic experience!

Special thanks to Victoria Pepe for creating this exhibit. It’s the first of its kind at Marble.

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This tour will work on all devices, but if you have a smartphone and a set of special goggles, you can experience the tour AS IF you are in the Labyrinth Room itself! Just click on the goggles icon and enjoy the show.

Summer Arts Festival

This all-church event includes a full week of various programs featuring music, dance, film, poetry, plays, paintings and photography. View and watch the video of this year's Summer Arts Festival.

View the full list of past participating artists.

View photos from the 2019 Summer Arts Festival.

For more information about next year's Summer Arts Festival, contact Mario Sprouse, Arts Ministry Coordinator, (212) 686-2770, ext. 227.