Gratitude FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions: Gratitude Sunday, November 13, 2022

What is special about Gratitude Sunday 2022?

The theme of Gratitude Sunday 2022 is “Simply Gratitude.” During this season, Marble will focus on celebrating the many blessings God bestows on us. On November 13, the season will conclude with an uplifting worship service and a memorable fellowship celebration at Marble.

Dr. Bos will lead and preach during a service brimming with the joy of our diverse church family:

  • A Youth Group member will read the Scripture.
  • Spectacular music from the Marble Choir and the Gospel Choir will fill our Sanctuary.
  • Board members will be greeters.

Celebrations In-Person and Online

  • For our In-Person Community, visit:
    • Labyrinth Room: Help decorate the Gratitude Tree, pick up a Gratitude Jar and enjoy delicious food and beverages.
    • 307 Assembly Room: Help decorate the Christmas tree, pick up a Gratitude Jar and enjoy delicious food and beverages.
    • Clay Hale from the Business Office in the Prayer Room if you have any questions about your Expected 2023 Annual Giving.
    • Pick up the special Gratitude Sunday gift as you leave.
  • For our Online Community, please connect via Zoom (link will be provided soon) for a 30-minute celebration:
    • A tour of MarbleVision.
    • Add your gratitude to the Gratitude Tree.
    • Meet church leaders and receive a special blessing from Dr. Bos.
    • Register at to receive the same Gratitude Sunday gifts that in-person worshippers will receive.

How does Gratitude Sunday help me grow spiritually?

Gratitude Sunday invites us to grow spiritually as we grow in our financial giving. We give in response to the many gifts God has given us, as well as to advance God’s realm of unconditional love, grace and belonging.

“Simply Gratitude” challenges us to reflect on these words from 1 Thessalonians 5:18:

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

We will grow in joy – because giving feels good! We will grow in the hope that we can help change lives. We will grow abundantly in the ways God is blessing us and we will grow in faith as we practice trusting in God more than in what we possess.

Why are we talking about Gratitude Sunday, our new financial reality, and the budget together?

Over the past several years, church leadership has transparently discussed our new financial reality in the Annual Report, 2023 Budget Message, and Strategic Plan. The failed 29th Street real estate development project means the Collegiate Corporation is no longer able to financially support the four Collegiate congregations with the same level as in the past. In fact, two years ago, Collegiate Corporation provided $2.8 million to help Marble pay its bills. This year, Marble received zero.

In response, church leadership has been working closely with the congregation to re-imagine our exciting future. On this Gratitude Sunday 2022, it is so important for us to be thankful for our blessings and be realistic about our changed financial circumstances.

In the past, we have focused predominantly on the spiritual virtues and gladness we feel when we give back to God. This has not changed. We pray and ask for guidance as we acknowledge that Marble needs our financial support in new ways – to pay our ministry expenses without the help of the Collegiate Corporation.

Do I need to be a Member to participate?

No. Everyone is welcome to participate in Gratitude Sunday. All gifts of time, talent and money are gratefully accepted.

What am I being asked to do?

As part of Gratitude Sunday, please provide the church with your Expected 2023 Annual Giving using the card provided:

  • Those on our mailing list will receive an “Expected 2023 Annual Giving” card in the mail.
    • If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please contact Clay Hale.
  • Pick up an “Expected 2023 Annual Giving Card" in the Sanctuary.
  • Fill out a card online here

As the congregation contributes its treasure, Marble can grow its mission and bring to life the many great ideas that came from the Strategic Plan.

If possible, please consider the practice of tithing: a scripturally based and ancient tradition in which individuals commit to provide 10% of their income to their church.

Do I have to pay my “Expected 2023 Annual Giving” with a one-time gift?

No. Please offer your gift(s) however it is most comfortable for you. Some of us prefer to set-up automatic withdrawals of specific amounts periodically (monthly, every three months or some other period). Others make gifts online periodically through Realm. Others write checks or use the envelopes in the pews. Some do offer their full Expected Annual Giving with one lump-sum contribution. However given, all gifts are gratefully received.

Offering your Expected 2023 Annual Giving during this season of gratitude is more important than ever before. Our new financial reality means that Marble is becoming very dependent on the congregation’s annual giving to make our budget and continue God’s work in our community. Achieving our goal of receiving $1.8 million in congregational giving in 2023 is very important for Marble to have a budget that supports the vibrant ministries so cherished by the Marble family and relied upon by our faith community.

What is the difference between my “Expected 2023 Annual Giving” and the “Pledge” I made in the past?

There really isn’t much difference. Both terms are intended to ask you to consider how God leads you to financially support Marble. You can give more than your Expected Annual Giving. If circumstances prevent you from fully contributing your “Expected 2023 Annual Giving,” Marble will be grateful for all gifts that are received. Neither your “Expected 2023 Annual Giving” nor your previous “Pledge” are legal obligations binding you to make gifts in those amounts.

Can I change my estimate of giving at any time during the year?

Yes! If your circumstances change during the year, please contact the Business Office at (212) 686-2770. Of course, the conversation will remain confidential.

Who knows how much I give?

Only a limited number of staff in the Marble Business Office have access to this highly confidential information. Complete confidentiality is carefully maintained.

How do I give?

  • Online giving, our preferred method of giving, is safe and secure through the Realm website.
    • Visit Expected Annual Giving to make one-time gifts and/or set up automatic, recurring deductions from a debit/credit card or a bank account.
  • Mail checks to Marble Collegiate Church, 1 West 29th Street, New York, NY, 10001, attention: Business Office.
  • Contribute stocks or other assets as part of my gifts. Please contact the Business Office at (212) 686-2770 for assistance.

Please contact the Business Office at (212) 686-2770 with questions about the financial aspects of giving.

Contact any minister at Marble with questions about the spiritual aspects of giving.

As we approach Gratitude Sunday 2022, we thank you for your continued generosity toward Marble Collegiate Church. Whether you give generously of your finances or offer graciously of your valuable time and talents, know that we appreciate you and all you do as part of the Marble Community.