Summer Spirituality Series

All sessions meet in the Labyrinth Room at 10:00am and will be live streamed.

July 7 & 14
Sister Carol Perry
Hidden Challenges
Some of the best Bible stories are found between the lines as we fill in the background bits. What might we glean from the patriarch who never was or the brothers who could not forget? Or what about the marginal women Jesus delighted in putting in the spotlight? They still speak to us today with words of challenge!

July 21
Rev. Sam Clover
Communion: A Table of Many Meanings
From the night The Lord’s Supper was instituted by Jesus, his followers have grappled with its meaning. Over the centuries, various interpretations have both united and divided the church. Did Jesus really mean the bread and wine were his body and blood? Is anyone welcome to the table, or just some? Of all the gifts Jesus could have given his disciples (and us), why a mysterious meal? And how did grape juice come about? This class will take a sweeping look at the development of the sacrament from its earliest days through the Reformation and beyond. And we’ll ask ourselves, what does this meal mean for us today?

July 28
Rev. Laurie J. Ferguson
Staying out of Elijah’s Cave: A Hopeful and Resilient Spiritual Path
The story of Elijah in the wilderness gives a lens to examine our personal times of loss or despair. This class will offer practices and habits that can create a path out of that place. Using the study of neurobiology and the deep wisdom of spiritual teachers, we will discuss ways to sustain and deepen our spiritual and emotional resilience so we are able to be hopeful in challenging times.

August 4 & 11
Dr. Michael Bos
A Play-full Life: Slowing Down and Seeking Peace
Often we think we find meaning by doing more and accomplishing more, but we can become so busy we rush past the most important things in life. Together we’ll explore how to become more play-full and create space to experience God. For those who want to dig deeper, you can read the book A Play-Full Life by Jaco Hamman.

August 18
Dr. Kenneth Ruge
Prayer: Knocking at God’s Door
Prayer is a way we connect with God and deepen the conversation with Him. We will explore what Jesus said about prayer and look at several ways of praying that will be useful to your spiritual flourishing.

August 25
Rev. Anthony Livolsi
Caring for the Creation
Climate change is the existential and moral crisis of our time. The bible, and the Christian tradition more broadly, has much to say about how people of faith might live as responsible stewards of the natural world. Come learn, pray, and be moved to action.

September 1
Nina Frost
Meeting The Holy Spirit
We are at the beginning not just of summer but of Pentecost, the longest season of the church year. Pentecost Sunday is thought of as the birthday of the church, when the Holy Spirit – the very presence of God – came into the church and gave it life. How are we meant to engage this mysterious aspect of the Trinity throughout the year? What does the Holy Spirit stand for, and what does it say to us today? This class covers not just historical and Biblical aspects, but the ongoing and lively challenge—and personal invitations—of this aspect of God. Come listen for how this spirit of the summer may be calling you.

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