Paris is Still Burning: Ballroom Culture and the Re-making of Queer Families
Marginalized by anti-Black racism, police harassment, and the homophobia of religious/socially conservative households, Black, Brown, and Caribbean queer folk created Ballroom as a response to social ostracism and rising LGBTQIA homelessness. The young people who brought ballroom to life were gay, trans, and gender-queer Black, Brown, and Caribbean young people; many of whom had been ostracized from their biological families for refusing to conform to society’s rules about gender. In this talk we will explore the intersection of Black and/or Brown and/or queer identities; discussing also barriers that persist impeding full inclusion to family, faith communities, and society for queer people. The clergy of Marble Church hosted the first dialogue on racial injustice in June 2020; not long after video footage of George Floyd’s murder went viral. Since then, we have continued these efforts with once-monthly events to draw awareness to the racial injustices that impact our congregation and community. If you missed any previous sessions or want to see again, click here. Watch Previous Racial Justice Sessions

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