Sunday, October 18, 2020
October 18, 2020
  • The We God Wants Us to Be
    Gratitude Sunday Worship & Celebration - Online: November 22, 2020
    This is the time each year when we come together in worship and fellowship around our deep gratitude to God and our spiritual home, Marble Church. Dr. Eric D. Barreto is our g...
  • Grace Notes: Inside the Music with Kenneth Dake
    Hear historic and theological background on the day’s music.
  • The Gospel of Mark, Week 11
    Fall 2020
    New to Christian faith and wanting to know more about Jesus? Not sure what you believe about hard-to-swallow stuff like the virgin birth? Just like to learn and grow and geek...
  • Wednesday Jazz Vespers: November 18, 2020
    Wednesday Jazz Vespers - Online: November 18, 2020
    Take a mid-week break to rest, reflect and refresh with our Jazz Vespers service, featuring local Jazz artists led by music director Chris Whittaker, and a special message by...
  • Sunday, Nov. 15, 2020
    Sunday Worship - Online: November 1-15, 2020
  • God is Our Refuge
    #WeWo: Wednesday Worship - Online: November 11, 2020
    Our mid-week service blends traditional and contemporary worship styles, creating a mixture that is informal and reverent, often humorous, and always Spirit-filled. Sermons by...